Planning permission secured for CALA  Homes for the development of 19 detached homes at Kinnoul Hill, Perth. 

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CALA Homes (East) 


This was an enabling argument with the sale of the land ensuring crucial repair works would be completed at St Marys Church and associated retreat, securing their continued presence in Perth.

Central to this project was the retention and renovation of the listed St Marys’ Church. APT worked with the Catholic Church at Kinnoull Hill, identifying the residential development potential of the land and CALA Homes (East) subsequently entered into an option agreement with the Church to promote the land through the planning process. 

Following an earlier refusal of planning permission, APT was able to drive the project forward, understanding and communicating the key enabling development message to the local politicians. Against the planning officer’s recommendation, planning permission was granted for 19 large detached homes on a site that the Council were seeking to include in the redrawn Perth Green Belt.


Planning permission secured for the development off 19 detached homes.


The land sale enabled the St Mary’s retreat to undertake critical repairs essentially ensuring their continued presence in Perth.

The permission also saw CALA develop at one of Perth’s most sought after locations.