Ongoing advisory overseeing the refurbishment of Ury House to create a luxury hotel and golf clubhouse alongside the development of Jack Nicklaus golf course and enabling retail, mixed use and residential development.




APT has advised FM Ury Ltd. with regards to their landholdings in and around Stonehaven for many years.

This has involved representations to the Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan promoting residential and mixed use development

Planning permission was also secured for a major new superstore development on the outskirts of Stonehaven and on land belonging to the Ury Estate.

The focus of the project remains the refurbishment of Ury House into a luxury hotel and golf clubhouse to accompany a new Jack Nicklaus designed golf course through the Ury Estate.

APT continues to support FM Ury in promoting land for further development in the latest emerging Local Development Plan.


A number of planning permissions have been secured for residential, retail and mixed use development. 


The refurbishment and redevelopment of Ury House remains the focus for development and permissions are in place to achieve this.

Related enabling permissions for residential and retail/commercial use are delivering enabling income to ensure that Ury House is completed alongside the proposed golf course. 

The residents of Stonehaven have long demanded the provision of a modern superstore, the planning permission at Ury will see this aspiration become a reality.